SCCY Gobbler Games 2018

Fri 16 - Sat 17Nov2018

Sign up by Nov 1, 2018.

St. Charles County Family YMCA (about 1 hr. 30 mins. away)

3900 Shady Springs Lane St. Peters, MO 63376-6467

SCCY Stingrays / 636-928-1928


* Take I-70 to St. Charles, MO (heading west)
* Exit at Cave Springs toward Truman RD. (0.2 mi or 0.3 km)
* Turn right onto Cave Springs Rd. (0.0 mi or 0.1 km)
* Turn left onto West Clay Street/ North Service Road (0.3 mi or 0.4 km)
* West Clay Street becomes North Service Road (0.0 mi or 0.1 km)
* Turn right on Shady Springs Rd. by U Haul Storage and go north (0.3 mi or 0.5 km)

Swimmers may swim in 5 events per session.

Gobbler Games Rules and Regulations

Many of the events at the Gobbler Games are Area qualifying events. However we have added extra events in a mini session format for the FUN of it. 11 & Older will get to swim 50's, 9-10 year olds will get to swim 25's. Events will be swum coed and results will be separated into boys/girls by each age group.

Relays teams will be same sex. However they will also swim coed. Each swimmer can swim a max of 5 events per session. The Team Score will not include the Mini Gobbler Game fun events.

The Limited events will include 24 swimmers 12 of each boy and girl, however if 12 swimmers are not available in one group then we will fill it with the other. (Example: if only 10 boys sign up and 16 girls then we will let the fastest 14 girls swim) If a swimmer signs up for a limited event, and does not make the top 24, we will allow that swimmer to select a new event.

Mini Gobbler Games Rules and Regulations

  • A separate session, including 3 unofficial/crazy events per age group.
  1. Partner swim - will be done as freestyle. The first swimmer will do the pull and the second swimmer will do the kick, changing places halfway through.
  2. Backstroke relay - All swimmers will swim the backstroke, they are allowed to dive off the block and turn over or start in the water.
  3. Pumpkin Relay - All swimmers start in the water. For 12 & under.
  4. T-Shirt Relay - All swimmers will swim any stroke they want, however they will wear the same t-shirt. For 13 & over age groups.
  • Coed is allowed for all Mini Games
  • 2 swimmers per partner swim, 4 swimmers for all other relays
  • The Mini Gobbler Games will be Team scored for a separate Team Award.