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Mexico YMCA Mid-Mo Marlins

Registering Your Swimmer

All potential new swimmers must try out and qualify for participation in the Mexico YMCA Mid-Mo Marlins Swim Team or the Mini Marlins Swim School. Please call the YMCA at 573-581-1540 to schedule a tryout for Swim Team or Swim School.

Each swimmer (and parent) must download, sign, and turn in the Mexico YMCA Mid-Mo Marlins Swim Team Rules, Mexico YMCA Mid-Mo Marlins Parent Code Of Conduct and Mexico YMCA Mid-Mo Marlins Athlete Code Of Conduct forms before the swimmer will be allowed to participate in swim practice sessions.

For step-by-step instructions on completing the registration process, go to our article on How to Register your Swimmer on the Swim Manager Platform.

Winter Swim Program

Register for 2022 Winter Swim

Mexico YMCA Mid Mo Marlins Winter Swim Team 2021-22 Information

  • New members to the team must “Tryout” with Coach McManus before registering for the team. Matthias McManus (Coach) Cell # (573)253-9855 Home # (573)581-1179)
  • Returning team members may register at the team website.
  • Season: Swim Team runs September – March

The following fees are to be paid at the Mexico Area Family YMCA Front Desk after registration is complete, the Swim Team first month fee must be paid and swimmer must be a Mexico YMCA member before the participant is allowed to begin practice:

  • Swim Team Monthly Fees (September – March) – $55.00
  • Swim Team Levels: (A swimmers level is determined by the Coach.) Bronze – Beginner, Silver – Intermediate, Gold – Advanced
  • Winter Swim participants are required to be members of the Mexico Area Family YMCA, if they are not already active members they must become members; this requires a one-time join fee and monthly membership dues. See the front desk for membership information.
  • Conference dues – TBA (between $5 and $10)
  • USA/Missouri Valley Swimming Membership – Full ($78) or Flex (around $20) membership is available. More information will be provided at a later date.

Available Discounts:

  • Sibling discount – $5.00 off monthly fees for second and subsequent siblings.
  • Swim Official discount – $10.00 off monthly fees for swimmers with at least one parent who is a Certified USA Swim Official or Certified YMCA Swim Official.
  • If a family qualifies for both discounts above, only the Swim Official discount will apply.

Other required expenses include:

  • Team Swimsuit for swim meets – purchased through B & B Aquatics
  • Team Swim Cap for swim meets – purchased through the YMCA.
  • Entry fees and transportation for home and away meets.
  • Additional equipment as required for practice, such as goggles, flippers, snorkels, etc.

Practice Schedule:

September through October – Monday and Wednesday 7:00 to 8:30 PM, Tuesday and Thursday 3:30 to 5:00 PM (Gold and Silver M,T,W,Th/Bronze M, T, Th)

November through March – Monday through Friday 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM, all Groups

Summer Swim Program

Register for 2022 Summer Swim

2022 Mexico YMCA Marlins Summer Swim Team Information Sheet

Summer Season – May 2nd – last meet in July 2022

This program is for participants that can already swim, it is not designed to teach non swimmers to swim. Mini Marlins is for swimmers who need additional training before joining the competitive swim team. New members of the team will be evaluated by the coach at the start of the season.

 Cost per participant:     (Payment in full required before participation.)

  • Members – $100 / Non-Members – $125
  • Team fees include: Program fee and Mid MO Conference registration fees.
  • Other Expenses:
  1. Team Swim Suit and Swim Cap – purchased through the team.
  2. City Pool admission fee for practices at the City Pool; per practice or season pass, price TBA. (Probably $2.00 per practice, but it has not been officially set yet.)
  3. Swim Meet entry fees when required, not all meets require fees.
  4. Transportation for away meets.
  5. Additional equipment may be required for practice such as goggles, flippers, snorkels, etc.
  6. USA Swimming registration if desired. (Some meets require USA membership.)

Mini Marlins Swim School: (Runs the month of May on Thursday evenings from 7:00 – 8:00 PM a second session may be added in June if desired.)

  • Members – $20 / Non-Members – $35 (A maximum of 6 swimmers will be allowed)
  • Mini Marlins may then tryout for Summer Swim Team in June. If they make the team they will pay the difference between what they paid for Mini Marlins and the cost of Summer Swim Team.

Discounts: Sibling – $10 off program fee for additional siblings

Please Note:
Many swim meets, usually designated “Invitationals”, require meet entry fees to be paid. The specific entry fee information for each meet (once we have the information) can be found by going to the Events Calendar, clicking on the name of the swim meet in the Calendar, and then clicking on the “Read more…” link on the popup window.